Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Jordan Craig Files to Garnish Tristan Thompson Wages

Back in August Jordan Craig filed to solidify her child support order from Tristian Thompson for their six-year old son [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Jordan is going after Tristian's NBA paycheck...

Tristan Thompson's first baby mama is seeking to garnish his hefty paychecks from the NBA after claiming he owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support, DailyMail.com can reveal.
In court documents filed last month, Jordan Briani Craig, the mother of the basketball player's six-year-old son Prince, accused the father-of-four of being behind on the monthly payments to the tune of $224,000.
The athlete, 32, was revealed to have been doling out $40,000 every month to his ex since April 2019 after the former couple had reached a child support settlement that year, DailyMail.com reported in August.
But in a declaration submitted on September 13 to a Los Angeles court and obtained by DailyMail.com, Craig revealed that Thompson has only been making 'either partial payments or missing child support payments altogether,' since November 2022.
A list included in the filing of payments made over the ten-month period show Thompson only sent half the required amount in November, paid in full the following month, and nothing in January.
From February to July, he made six payments of $14,500, with his largest payment being $29,000, in August.
The mom-of-one is now asking the court to withhold the athlete's income from the Cleveland Cavaliers - where he made his 2011 NBA debut and played for nine seasons until moving to the Boston Celtics in 2020.
Thompson rejoined the team earlier this year after reportedly signing a $2.7million annual contract - a far cry from the $17.7million he was making when the child support order was first made.
Craig is demanding an order to withhold his earnings in the amount of $80,000 a month, 'and to stay in effect until the arrears are satisfied', according to the filings.
'It is my belief that Tristan signed a 'veteran's minimum' contract with the Cavaliers that pays him $2.7million per year. The $80,000 request is certainly less than half of his monthly salary,' her declaration states.


Anonymous said...

He is such a deadbeat.

Chelle said...

Kloe will pay it. They live together now secretly.

Anonymous said...

He's a bum! Khloe literally had to buy this man, and he's a bum. She'll be forever trying to make him look good and paying off his debts just to trap a bum! Sad.

Anonymous said...

#PullOutGang# 💪🏾

Anonymous said...

Get your cash, girl.

Anonymous said...

He wouldn't miss any payments if it was a YT lady so pay the woman. She has a lifestyle to maintain.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he'd cut off his nose to spite his face.

Anonymous said...


R in NYC said...

Keep your foot on his neck!!!

Anonymous said...

Good for her. This economy is out of control. He needs to help her out with their child.

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