Friday, February 09, 2024

CAA Brands Terrence Howard Lawsuit Meritless

Last year Empire star Terrence Howard filed a breach of fiduciary duty lawsuit against his agents at the Creative Artists Agency, accusing them of purposely negotiating a lower salary for him because they also represented Empire [click here if you missed that]. 

CAA calls the filing meritless, claiming Howard was informed they were also acting as agents for the hit show...

According to court documents obtained by, the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) asked the court to dismiss the bombshell lawsuit brought by Howard.
In a newly filed response, CAA argued, “Howard filed his Complaint … asserting claims for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty premised on CAA’s alleged role as a “packaging agent” on the television show Empire in December 2023—over nine years after Howard admits that CAA explicitly told him it was acting as the show’s packaging agent, seven years after Howard admits he suspected the alleged injury of which he now complains (i.e., that he was not paid enough), and more than four years after the highly publicized Writers Guild of America’s packaging lawsuit was filed against CAA (and other agencies), which Howard quotes in his Complaint.”
They added, “Howard’s claims are utterly meritless.” The agency said the claims are also barred by the statute of limitations.
CAA demanded the entire case be tossed immediately.


Anonymous said...

Read all of your contracts! Sign or don't sign but the choice is yours. Don't come crying after you accepted a screwed up deal.

Anonymous said...

Lowdown dirty business.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why these actors/actresses take jobs that are below their pay grade and complain about it later. I do not accept entry level pay no matter how bad I need a job, they can get somebody else to do it. Know and demand your worth!

Anonymous said...

@1:01 Sorry, but you're wrong. No matter what your contract says you're not aware of backroom deals which undermine everything you think you're getting. Agencies like CAA frequently operate with conflicts of interest that should be investigated by the Justice Department.

LOLOL said...

So, what you're saying is that a contract means nothing after its signed. Blacks are still getting screwed by Yt folks.
When they do get paid there worth, they get the big head and f*&k it up like Will Smith.

Anonymous said...

No contract is really iron clad. If a judge feels it's unethical or too one sided he/she can toss it..

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