Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Doja Cat's Mother Granted Permanent Restraining Order Against Her Son

Last month pop star Doja Cat's mother filed for a restraining order against her son, Raman Dlamini, after accusing him of being mentally and physically abusive to both her and his sister Doja [click here if you missed that]. 

A five year restraining order has been granted...

Doja Cat’s mom Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer was granted a permanent restraining order against 30-year-old son Raman Dalithando Dlamini — after making bombshell abuse claims in court.
According to court documents obtained by, this week, a hearing was held on Sawyer’s petition for protection against Dlamini.
Dlamini did not appear despite being served with notice of the hearing. The judge heard testimony from Doja’s mom before granting her request for a restraining order.
The judge said the order will expire on January 31, 2029.


In her petition, Sawyer claimed her son had “choked me and threatened to hit me several times.”
She said he often berated her.
“He has made so many comments that are so deeply hurtful and offensive that I feel I have had to block them from memory just to go on day after day,” Sawyer wrote.
“He uses these bullying tactics to manipulate me into giving him more money, more money then what is rational and reasonable. It puts additional stress on me to work so hard, and then he abuses me and it’s hard for me to recover to complete my work tasks”
She said, “The possibility of having a peaceful household to raise my grandson is completely compromised with this erratic behavior. There are many times [his son] does not want him to come over to the house.”
Sawyer detailed an alleged incident that went down on November 11, 2023. She said her son yelled at her in front of her grandson. She said he called her a “f------ lazy nasty white b----” and told her “No man would ever want me.”


Anonymous said...

5 yrs does not equal permanent

Anonymous said...

It sounds like this dude has mental health issues. What son would care if his mother is attractive to other men? And she's raising his son. That says a lot right there.

Anonymous said...

Mama need a gun she keeps by her nightstand. He looks like the type to kill his mama.

Anonymous said...

One of those fatherless man-childs who hates and blames his mom for not having a father

Anonymous said...

She looks like Hilary Clinton

Anonymous said...

Another man-child who hates his mother for birthing him and his daddy for abandoning him. I wish these animals had the same energy for their daddy. Go yell at your pappy!!

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