Thursday, February 29, 2024

Tiffany Red Suing Diddy for Torturous Interference

Last year songwriter Tiffany Red came forward to corroborate Cassie Ventura's abuse claims against Sean 'Diddy' Combs, detailing the time she spent writing songs for Cassie that were never released [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Tiffany has announced she's suing Diddy for torturous interference after working with Cassie all those years for nothing...

Tiffany tearfully announced her intentions in a video message shared on Instagram, accusing Diddy of derailing her career. 


WhichOne said...

I believe this lady and think she deserves to win her case against Mr. Freak Off.

No Chiraq said...


Anonymous said...

Suge Knight's reign of terror ended a few years ago and now his east coast counterpart Diddy's reign is coming to a screeching halt. It's the end of an era and I couldn't be happier.

Anonymous said...

His mentor Clive Davis was/is a ruthless business man. he is known for working with the biggest in the industry. Yes, he's had artists that suddenly die, but notice that no one speaks of him in the same manner that they speak of Diddy? Having power doesn't make anyone evil. Diddy is evil. He never tried to help anyone's career. Never. Diddy uses and abuses, nothing more.

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