Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Cassie Cooperating with Diddy Investigation?

Last year Bad Boy CEO Sean "Diddy" Combs' settled the $30 million lawsuit filed against him by his former longtime girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, just one day after she filed and horrific incidents of abuse from the suit began flooding the Internet [click here if you missed that].

Now insiders are claiming Cassie is cooperating with the investigation that prompted the Homeland Security raid on Diddy's homes in L.A. and Miami two weeks ago [click here if you missed that]...

From TMZ
Sources with direct knowledge tell us ... Cassie is among the witnesses the feds have been in contact with in connection with the Diddy investigation ... we're told she's been working with investigators for several weeks ... presumably even before Diddy's homes were raided.
Given the timing, it seems Cassie may have helped the feds establish probable cause to get a judge to sign off on the search warrants. Other women, we're told, have also been in contact with federal investigators.
Unclear at this point which of the other women have also been cooperating with the feds. We also don't know if Diddy's ex-employee, Rodney Jones, has been interviewed at this point.


Anonymous said...

as she should. This sean combs character what a jerk

Shafrika Lights said...

Call me when he gets arrested. Otherwise who gices a toss!

Anonymous said...

I Wonder if J-Lo Got some In-Fo?

Anonymous said...

@5:20am I’m sure jlo does have information . That’s why she ran so ran and never looked back. She wanted no parts of him or his mess. Dating Diddy is probably like dating a king pin drug dealer. Money, sex, women and drugs is always on the menu. That life never ends well

Anonymous said...

I hope so! Why wouldn't she?

LOLOL said...

Her help will seal the case but can she testify? I'm sure there has to be a gag order on her winning lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

I’m sure she signed a NDA so would or could not volunteer any info. She’d have to be subpoenaed and forced to be a witness

Anonymous said...

NDAs become null and void in criminal matters.
They can only be upheld in civil proceedings.

Anonymous said...

Gdep just got released from prison. He may know something too.

Anonymous said...

I can’t stand Cassie.

She a little sêx worker too. Like all his baby mamas, male friends and girlfriends.

She participated in those “freak offs” too. She knew some were underage. He didn’t just start that. He’s been doing that.

That’s why he he’s being sued for flying that teen girl out in the 90s.

The Feds been had this Case ready to go. They let Cassie get her coins first and cut a deal for immunity.

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