Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Ray J Eager to Settle Custody Dispute

Last month Princess Love implied her estranged husband Ray J was keeping their son away from her after claiming she hadn't seen him in over two weeks [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Ray J wants to hammer out a formal joint custody agreement...

Ray J has officially filed documents in response to Princess Love's request for the Superior Court of California to dissolve their seven-year union.
After noting that they were splitting up due to "irreconcilable differences," the singer-songwriter attests that he wants joint legal and physical custody of their children — five-year-old Melody and four-year-old Epik.
He also notes that he and Princess Love will decide later how much money he will pay his estranged partner for support. Additionally, Ray J stipulates that they will each handle the legal fees and costs.
He further confirms that jewelry and personal items, the money he earns and saves after the separation, and other belongings and debts that belong to each part separately will be addressed later.


No Chiraq said...

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Anonymous said...

Ray J is trash. He gaslights this girl, he treats her bad, he cheats on her and when he THOUGHT she was saying Jon Boyega then he wanted to be a husband again…if she was smart, she’d go for everything he has.

Anonymous said...

Trust and believe princess is not stupid. She has the upper hand and justice will prevail, Ray J is a dog and his mother is a big part of this mess always from beginning sticking her nose in their marriage telling Ray J what he should do. Princess be smart and take his bit to court and get everything you deserve and make sure your children will be well taken care of for the up growing of their life. Roof over their heads, food, schooling, insurance both medical and life , clothing and counselor if needed. All in all get every dime you deserve for you and your children, be smart as he thinks he is

LOLOL said...

When she upgrades from him and social media starts making fun of him for being a bad father/husband, he'll start acting like Future did when Cici got with Russel. RJ is jealous of anyone who out does him as a man.

Anonymous said...

What income does she generate to be able to pay her own legal bills? I bet he didn't even make her sign a prenup. Got em!

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