Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Jasper Williams Responds to Aretha Franklin's Family

This week the family of Aretha Franklin expressed their disappointment that Pastor Jasper Williams used her eulogy to bash the Black community, single mothers and the Black Lives Matter movement [click here if you missed that].

Pastor Williams responds to the Franklin family...

When asked for comment, Williams told the AP,
“I understand it. I regret it. But I’m sorry they feel that way.”


Anonymous said...

So now let me get this straight....he black bashing, Bishop grabbing titties,half the singers were off key and screaming...not sure if Ms.Franklins 22 hour funeral was a success..dont think she vwouldve approved of this circus...take note black people when it comes to funerals sometimes we can just do too much.

mil262 said...

Who made the decision to use Pastor Williams or did he volunteer his services?

Anonymous said...

Nothing about that memorial represented Ms. Franklin. She was very reserved, private and dignified woman but that service was a circus. Everyone, including Rev. Williams was grandstanding and gloating. Very little of it was about Aretha Franklin, God or her family, it was all about who could scream louder than the other and who could spread their personal messages about who they were. I will never forget the image of Farrakhan shaking his head as Fantasia marched away screaming like some crazy woman. Fantasia can sing but she didn't do it that day and that was an embarrassing mess.

Unknown said...

You must not be from the Black church and I know not all black churches celebrate this way but some of them do Go look back at footage of her father, albertina walker and the Rev Clevland funeral Arethat sang at these funerals and the celebration was just the same so she would have been happy cause this is how you celebrate Fantasia is always over the top thought you knew that I felt she did a wonderful job I didnt see Farrakhan shaking his head either stop hating so hard on the funeral and accept the way this is how Detroit celebrate

Anonymous said...

The funeral was a mess and my black ass ain't sitting up in no 7-9 hour funeral for no damn body. Black People do too much for a funeral. Niggas celebrate like they happy the person is dead and call it celebrating one's life. No you don't that shit at a birthday party or when the person is alive. Our mourning for the dead is ass backwards and a fuckin circus show to these other nations

Anonymous said...

I appreciated The community involvement in a Black Woman being celebrated,it's about TIME
Fantasia was not over the top, she took us to church and for those that can't relate cause you are melanin deficient or have no soul too bad. Our community needed this for closure and mourning Thank you to the Franklin family and God Speed to our Queen who went out like the Royalty she was
She left the earth in old age and not a tragic story and that should always be celebrated
RIP angel

Gg57 said...

Everybody knows Aretha was raped by her father at 12 years old and that she was a chain smoking sex addict who had little to no female friends in her circle. Thats probably why there was so much deflection on her personal lif and so much emphasis on her music.

Anonymous said...

He reminds of the character from a comic book...Luke Cage's preacher daddy. Looks just like him. Same stank-ass destructive attitude to boot.

He is sorry "they felt that way", not sorry for what he did. The hubris...?

The King Of The Real said...

the dude is a joke

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid this had all the hallmarks of another pastor out to make a name for himself. Instead of paying homage to Aretha Franklin he decided to play to the cameras and the court of mainstream public attention for his own personal gain.
No problem with him giving these kind of sermons at his OWN weekly services but to air these thoughts out in front of non-black attendees (that include a former President) and on camera knowing full well it was being televised nationally tells me he motives were completely disingenuous.
Be sure to expect paid guest appearances from him on Faux News in the near future. #shyster

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Aretha father raped her it would appear to be more of some sick incest relationship that went on for awhile. I'm getting infatuation vibes. That story they tried to peddle about him getting a 12 year old pregnant that's why they moved to Detroit to avoid a scandal then .. at 12 Aretha gets pregnant has a baby with disability problems so they ship him off to live with a grandparent then he spends his life in a mental hospital. Now that is too many 12 year olds popping up pregnant around one motherfucker. GTFOH. He was a PEDOPHILE, WTF they keep glorifying him??? No wonder it was no strange sight to them when ol boy was copping a feel off Lil Ariana all small and petite dressed like a full grown hooka on bingo night.

Niyabinghi/ObeahWomanWarrior said...

@6:29 PM
You already know, their are long ass secret tales of incesteous behaviors in those church "families" not just regular folks, those damn church folks are a mess, they are the main ones with that flowers in the attic type shit, I can't tell you how many women I have counseled over the years, that were raped by their fathers who were ministers in the church. I remember long ago when I was in a shelter for women of domestic violence, the white woman who ran the shelter father was a baptist minister that used to rape her with a broomstick. I have friends who dads were minister that used to rountinely molest them as well as other underage girls and it was covered up, so as not to bring shame to the church "family"

Long time ago before I awake at 16 yrs old I decided to follow one of my friends and go to her church, I was baptized and as I came out the water I kid you not this damn pastor, was fondling me. That was my last time in a damn church. Our people don't need religion, religion was taken from our ancient ancestors where it was a tool to connect with your higher self and the source, not the shitfest we have seen in the last 2000 years of this Piscarian era. Look at the damn catholic church they been raping children for centuries while protected by a powerful peodophile "elite" in the vatican which they are the head of the illuminati. Religion like all empires are coming to an end, the people are waking up to the great evil and wickedness on our planet sanctioned by religion. It's religion why we continue to allow the wickedness of minority who rule the majority with fear, hell fire and brimstone. It's time to pick up our ancient spiritual systems, and leave this dead vampiric, parasitic, incesteous and evil ass organised religion. I"m proud to say I never raised any of my children in that mess and 3 of my children have never stepped foot in a church. And the next generation damn sure will not be raised up in this dead system. It has power because our melanin gave it power, how the hell can you pray to your oppressor god? what kind of god would allow the tragedy that befell our people and still we are catching hell on a planet terrorized by a minority, where is this god? there is none, we are who we have been waiting on and only us can liberate us. Our spiritual sciences works with the elemental forces in nature and the universe, this revolution is a spiritual one, where like minded with be vibrating on the same frequency to effect changes. The agents in our community have kept our people asleep long enough, it's long past the time to emancipate yourselves from mental and spiritual slavery. They can't stop it no matter what they do, their time has come to an end. The shift has already begun despite the old construct we are still seeing, why the hell you think they want to get off the planet, keep talking about going into space, get the hell on. We ain't going with you, once the frequency has shifted all the way and the planet heats up even more it's a wrap. And all who ain't on that frequency must go nothing personal.

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