Sunday, May 10, 2020

Andre Harrell Cause of Death Revealed

On Saturday the Hip Hop community suffered a huge loss after the surprise passing of Uptown Records founder Andre Harrell...
Harrell's wife tells The New York Times the music mogul and producer died of heart failure.

Andre Harrell is responsible for the music careers of Mary J. Blige, Sean Diddy Combs, Heavy D and the Boys [with producer Teddy Riley], Jodeci, Al B. Sure, Soul 4 Real, Father MC, Guy and Russell Simmons.

Harrell also produced the 90s hit TV series New York Undercover and the movies Strictly Business and Honey.


LVBoogie73 said...

Rest in peace Andre Harrell. A major contributor and influencer to R&B and HipHop. Moreso, a big asset to 90's music; the soundtrack of my life. You put so many people on and will be missed. Your work is over and job well done!

Jesmit said...

Wow! Stunned at the news because his name is synonymous with music especially from the 90s with all these great acts like Diddy and Mary J Blige just to name a few. A big unwanted vacuum with this passing that cannot be filled

R in NYC said...

Andre, Little Richard and Roy from Sigfreid and Roy. .so much death this weekend. Rest in peace to all.

Anonymous said...

RIP he was so instrumental to the music of the 90's. Uptown was huge. Wonder what music would be today if he had stayed cultivating Uptown instead of leaving for Motown.

Anon said...

Now Betty Wright gone too and only 66. What the fuck is going on with 2020?

ms mac said...

RIP to this brother. His contribution to music symbolized the 90s and made a huge impact on many of our lives, including mine.

Malika said...

Oddly a relief to know it wasn't COVID-19.

2020 Ain't Shit said...

RIP Sir!

Anonymous said...

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LVBoogie73 said...

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Anonymous said...

RIP Andre...humble Visionary..he definitely changed the music game with ownership & a new sound of music New Jack Swing, mixing R&B & Hop Hop..Jodeci, Guy, Al B. Sure, Mary J, Heavy D, Father MC, etc.
Can't forget the classic Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde

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Anonymous said...

I thought that he had been sick for a while. No matter what, it's a loss and very sad.

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