Sunday, January 23, 2022

Disturbing Final Tweets From Regina King's Son

Over the weekend actress Regina King's only child, Ian Alexander Jr., took his own life on his 26th birthday [click here if you missed that]. 

In some of his last posts on social media Ian spoke candidly about his fragile mental health...


Anonymous said...

Oh my!! You gotta react when ppl say things like this...Often, we either don't know how to respond or chalk it up as my cousin so crazy..
Rest Well King!

Also, he posted a really nice Bday post for his mom 7 days ago...its almost like he held on until after her bday...Rest now!

Danni P said...

My brother was only 13 when he took his life .... We didn't even know he existed until a year before 🥺 I still blame myself ..... Don't know what I could have done, but that guilt is still there

Unknown said...

My condolences to Regina, her family, and their loved ones. This is such a tragic loss. I saw some of Regina's interviews, where she talks about how proud she is of Ian, and how having him was one of her biggest accomplishments. Smh. It's crazy how insidious mental health problems can be to outsiders. No one could've known how deeply Ian was suffering. We talk about depression and anxiety, but we don't discuss how black men have one of the highest suicide rates in the country. We have to start combating the ills of our community - now.

I, personally, believe a culture shift is necessary. We need to take ownership of hip-hop and the messages it sends to the youth (violence, destruction, criminality etc), we need to think about how we approach conversations centered around racism, police brutality, and the responsibilities that come with being a black man and/or a black woman. I wonder if maybe we're discussing these heavy topics (racism, police brutality etc) with black kids who are too young. Regina mentioned talking to her son (I believe he was still an early teen) about police brutality and racism, and I thought, maybe that responsibility - of always being "woke", "conscious", and an activist is what's driving the mental health issues? I mean, it's difficult for me - a mentally stable individual - to be confronted with the worse ills of our society on a hourly basis. Sometimes too much knowledge can be our downfall. But, on the other hand, I think about how ignorance can kill black men just as quickly as too much knowledge.

There has to be a better balance, and we have to manage the mental health of the youth a lot better than we have. No one is built to withstand so much negativity and hopelessness on an ongoing basis.

Anonymous said...

Social media is of the devil and is a mind altering portal designed to destabilize; society was better off when it did not exist.

Anonymous said...

@9:56 PM

Read Deuteronomy 28:28 (KJV only) to understand the Origin of mental issues

Then read Deuteronomy 28:15 (KJV only) to understand why God is allowing Afflictions like Mental issues, Police brutality, Black-on-Black murder, Unfair laws against black people, etc, etc to come upon us...physically and mentally

It's God's way or the highway....the highway being Eternal Death in fire

Until black people start listening AND DOING what he has Commanded us to do, it's gonna get worst.

Yall aint seen NOTHING yet. Yall better put your Pride aside and go find the Israelites that will teach you what you need to know! (the Purple & Gold Israelites)

America is Finished and Judgement is on it's way here....those of you that are Wise will understand, and those of you who still wanna be REBELLIOUS and sit up in Sunday church listening to TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar and all these False prophets who preach on Sunday, you gonna have BIG problems and no amount of money will save you (the American dollar is finished!-and has been finished years ago!)

"He who hath an ear, let him hear"

Alma's Daughter said...

I can only imagine some of the ignorant-ass questions Regina King will be asked—not only by fans but by some of her idiot peers, too. Here’s hoping she has the strength to make it through this. It’s not easy for any parent to go through this, but it has to be even worse when you’re famous.

Unknown said...

Somehow I just don't care...shrugs. There's always clues, making time paying attention goes a long way. We all have problems, his life,his choice.

Anonymous said...

Black men expressing their feelings is viewed as weakness in our community.

R in NYC said...

Israelite troll shut up! Stop trying to brainwash this site with your anti black dribble.
You and those purple robed idiots are worshipping the wrong God.
That young man had a chemical imbalance in his brain. It needed to be treated just like any other medical illness.
So many people throw religion at depression and think it will just go away. Prayer helps but in the meantime, get help!

ms mac said...

This has got to be so tough. Can't imagine having to bury a child. Prayers up to that family.

Anonymous said...

@10:10 its ok not to care about someone you have never met but to make a statement without knowing or being apart of the situation is rough. Sometimes the signs ARE NOT there esp as an adult maybe Ian choose to keep it to himself ...

Anonymous said...

At 956 man you said that perfect. Just yesterday I played "self destruction" randomly and thought we need a 2022 version of that song. There was so much black consciousness, pride and wisdom in that song. But I digress I am praying "drug dealing glorification" "pimping/pimp glorification" "glorification of prostitution" all get CANCELLED. These themes are leading our community to destruction. Black music is the most popular music on the planet, we set trends, and we need to reestablish ourselves as the consciousness of humanity.

I also agree that social media is very wicked. I have no social media accounts. That shit is a cesspool of manipulation. The closest I get to social media is commenting on RWS. I don't even have a disqus account.

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