Sunday, January 02, 2022

Kanye West Stalking Kim Kardashian?

This week there were rumors that Kim Kardashian would be spending New Year's Eve in Miami with her new boyfriend, comedian Pete Davidson, who was hosting a NYE special on NBC with Miley Cyrus [click here if you missed that]. 

In totally unrelated news, Kanye West tried, and failed, to set up a last minute concert in Miami for New Year's Eve... 

On Thursday night Kanye shared a post on Instagram announcing he would be in Miami for New Years. 

Meanwhile insiders tell Page Six
“His team called everyone in Miami asking if they had a location to do a concert. At 6:15p.m. on NYE. People just went back to their glass of Champagne.”
Another source told us that wasn’t the only snag. “He wanted such a big group, like 50 or 60 people,” said the insider. “A lot of places just didn’t have the space.”
A source tells us West wound up hanging out — but not performing — at a new club called Game Changers along with Future, Quavo and French Montana.


Anonymous said...

LOL...he was in Miami looking all outta place w them ni66as...wearing a Balenciaga looking Tommy Bahama shirt tucked inside his jeans...

Anonymous said...

When he finally realizes that he's not a big deal anymore and can't move mountains like an A list star, that's when he'll really loose his mind.
His so-called friends are making fun of him, behind his back. Saying, He Lost his Family to a Yt Boi. New song title.

Anonymous said...

IDC what they say this story about Kim and dusty crack head Pete makes no sense. It sounds like Kim is jealous of the attention Kourtney and her man are getting so she picked up a lil side kick for her new show because no nigga would bother pretending to be bothered with the bs.

TRACI404 said...

After dealing with a man thar wouldnt even let you pictures. AND IS VERBALLY ABUSIVE.Kanye is always on some Psychological Mental Rollercoaster Trip. It had to be exhausting.
We all know KANYE aint right upstairs.
Pete is a good move for her, at least he makes her laugh. Sometimes thats what you need.

TRACI404 said...

Kanye about to flame out!
Y'all gonna tell him it's CREEPY to move across the street from your EX WIFE?
HE has never exhibited the ability to CHILL!
I can see 911 being called regularly.
Kanye off his meds drinking brown liquor. We gonna see another VIDEO of him on a RANT.

Anonymous said...

Kanye doesnt want to divorce Kim because he knows his REAL financial status will be revealed in court docs and those docs will reveal he isnt a billionaire and Kim has waaaay more dollars than he does.

Anonymous said...

Ni66a in Mia with 2 chicks on the looks like he called the paparazzi..LOL

Dee said...

Geesh! We don't care about that fake black man anymore. DIVORCE is a choice!!! And that's what Kimberly chose. Leave her alone now n a g g a. Out here looking and acting like a run-away. Run back to me Kimberly? Boy stop!!! She is RUNNING FROM you while we all watch and laugh. When she get on... she gone leave yo a s s for a white boy. LMAO

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