Monday, August 28, 2023

Zellswag Asks for Privacy

Over the weekend Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast member Zellswag was arrested in Buckhead, along with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast members Erica Mena and Bambi, after getting into a bar room brawl [click here if you missed that].

Zell breaks his silence to thank his supporters and ask for privacy...


Anonymous said...

People want the tea especially since Saucy Santana ran for his life leaving his boo behind! Zell might be feeling a little humiliated. Lol!

The King Of The Real said...

who & what?

Anonymous said...

The whole LHHH, New York, ATL, Miami has all these dusty, broke, stinky looking, bums + has-beens thinking they’re some how actual stars or celebrities.
The reality show craze that has empowered - to certain degrees- the Black community to garner attention and receive an income for acting a complete fool, further eroding the image of Black people in this country needs to END. It’s disgusting & it’s embarrassing.
All the Bad Girjs Clubs, Blueface & Chrisean Rock - all of them need to GO AWAY.
Can we get back to some quality programming for the culture??

Anonymous said...

@10:36 PM… I swear! Preach!

Anonymous said...

But why ask for privacy when you're all out in the public acting a darn fool and then you said you are going to give us updates...please.

Pusspusd said...

Don't he look just like his Masters?
Check out Chris concert here in 🇯🇲 8/23

Under The Influence Chris Brown / Ayawsonice

J.Swindell said...

Looks like James Evans' angry son

Anonymous said...

!0:36am- I miss those Sidney Poitier , class acts daysWhen the black celebrities were some what
distinguished and carried themselves with
some what class
I dont ever think we will be ever looked at that
way again
Too much degenaration has already taken place

Anonymous said...

^^^^ @10:36pm (I meant)

Anonymous said...

Im with 8:31am & can have all the privacy you want NOBODY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE

Anonymous said...

@10:36 PM FACTS!

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